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Top 4 Expensive Plumbing Repairs & How To Avoid Them

Plumbing repair tips

Let's face the fact that no plumbing repair is one that you want to deal with. However, some are more severe than others.

The ones that end up costing a lot to fix are the ones you want to try to avoid the most. What may surprise you is that some of the costly ones are repairs you would not have suspected.

  • A leak that goes undetected or drip that goes neglected. The reason these two seemingly small problems end up costing so much money is that you end up wasting water without even realizing it. Did you know that a drip per second ads up to approximately 3,000 gallons of wasted water in a year's time? Many homeowners do not even know they have an underground leak until they get their water bill and see an enormous spike.
  • The problem with a leak is that is can also cause damage to your home, and that can be very costly. A leak can lead to wood damage, rot, mildew, mold and even structural damage. In very extreme cases, if left ignored, a leak can pose a threat to the integrity of the foundation of your home, which is as bad and as expensive as it gets.
  • Keeping the FOG method in mind for your drains will help them perform better. That is, keeping Fat, Oil and Grease out of the drains in order to prevent problems. However, one of the most expensive drain problems is usually root intrusion. In extreme cases, this can require the extraction of a tree from your yard, as well as digging up the septic tank or plumbing lines for replacement. The best way to avoid things from getting this bad is to keep trees trimmed so they don't grow too big. Also, if you notice slow or clogged drains, call in a professional. Too many homeowners try to fix it with store-bought chemicals which masks the real problem.
  • Lastly, don't confuse your garbage disposal with a trash can. Not everything is meant to go in there. You can ruin a brand new, top-of-the-line disposal by shoving things in there that do not belong. Steer clear of putting the matter in your trash disposal like egg shells, melon rinds, meat skin or potato peels.

Know When to Call a Professional

Truth be told, there is never a good reason to ignore calling in an industry expert. If you even suspect you need a Horsham, PA plumber, give Fisher Mechanical Inc. a call. Let us help keep your plumbing maintained so you can get performance and longevity, and minimize the repairs.

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